Search Engine Optimisation


Keywords Research

What words would your customers use to find your business through Google? What keywords is your competition focusing on and which are bringing the best results? Let us check it for you.

Fixed-time or Ongoing Campaigns

For some businesses short, fixed term SEO campains might be more sensible and cost effective, others might need ongoing help with optimisation and analitycs. We are happy to serve both ways.

On-site SEO

We will help you  to use chosen keywords in the right place on your website and to create great content, so your pages rank higher in search results.

Off-site SEO

Your business is unique, so your strategy to build your website authority must be unique as well. We will do the research to help you find the best way. 

Local SEO

Running a local business? This service will let your customers find you with ease.

Regular Strategy Revision

Your competition does not sleep, so neither should you (or we – for you). Checking SEO results and making improvements to strategy is a necessary element of every SEO campaign.  

How it works


1. Your target

During initial consultation we’ll learn your goals, what you’ve done so far with SEO and what budget you allotted for SEO campaign. 


2. Proposal

Having the knowladge from initial consulation, we’ll make a written proposal with services we can offer within your budget and timescale.


3. Optimisation

After initial payment we’ll begin our work to get your website shown as high in search results as possible.  


4. Results

After the agreed scope of work is done, we’ll generate a report with initial analytics results to show you the improvements.




Set-up fee

from £500

Set-up fee – from £500

The set-up fee depends on the website size and the scope of work agreed during the consultation.

The services may include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Keyword Analysis

  • Competitive Content Analysis
  • Internal Content Audit
  • Strategy Creation
  • Strategy Implementation
  • SEO Software Installation and Training
  • Schema recommendation and implementation

Monthly fee

from £150

Monthly fee – from £150

As above, monthly fee depends on the website size and amount of work to be done.

The usual monthly services are:

  • SEO Campaign Results Analytics
  • Campaign Improvements Recommendation
  • Campaign Improvements Implementation
  • Monthly or weekly reports 

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