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Brochure & E-commerce Websites

Website purpose differs from business to business. You may want to have an online brochure just highlighting your services, or you may need additional functions, like contact forms or even booking forms integrated with calendar in your smartphone. Maybe you want to sell and deliver your products locally through your website or setup a worldwide shop. Whatever your vision is, share it with us and we’ll find the best solution. 

Responsive Design as Standard

Nowadays more then a half of people use their smartphones to find local shop and services, so it would be unreasonable to build your website only for desktops users.

Happily, all our websites are responsive, so whatever device your client use, your site will work and look perfect.

Free One-year Hosting and Domain (if needed)

Exclusively for our webdesign clients we offer free basic hosting and standard domain for a year. That’s an option, so if you have your own hosting and domain, we will instead setup your new website on your server for free. 

SSL Certificate

Earlier it was needed only for websites handling payment transactions, nowadays it’s a must have for everyone that wants to be visible on Google. That’s why we add SSL Certificate to every website we build for free.

Unique Design

All our designs are unique. Our packages include the same functionality, but the look of each website we build is different. 

SEO Friendly as Standard

Not being visible in Search engine like Google or Bing is like not doing business at all. We understand that, so we build our websites in SEO friendly way, so your search engine score is not affected. It’s a basic feature, but if you want more, check out our SEO Packages. 

Web design process


1. Initial consultation

We’ll start with understanding your needs. We’ll use detailed questionnaire, email, phone and, for bigger projects, meetings to learn about your business and your vision so we could offer made to measure proposal.  


2. Proposal

After initial consultation we’ll give you our detailed proposal with quote and timescale. After it’s agreed, contract will be signed and we’ll take 50% of the total cost to get started.

3. Construction

After we receive initial payment, we’ll start the design and construction. In the meantime you’ll have to deliver your content (logo, photos, texts). After testing we’ll release completed website.


4. Handover

When the website is ready, the final payment is made and we hand over the keys to your website.



Ready Packs

*Working days. Customer has to deliver content at least 5 working days before the agreed handover date. Any additionally ordered features and services may extend the delivery time.

Want something else?

Booking form
Blog module
Social Media integration
Multi language website
Live chat
Registration/Membership system


See what you can get for the price.

Simple Pack websites  £299

Web Design 1
Web Design 2
Web Design 3
Electrician website example

Functional Pack websites – £599

Web Design 4
Web Design 5
Web Design 6
Web Design 7
Web Design 8
Web Design 9
Web Design 10
Web Design 11
Web Design 12

E-commerce Pack websites £999

Furniture Store Web Design Example
Web Design 13
Plant Shop Web Design Example
Web Design 14
online shop web design example
Web Design 15

Magazines and Blogs £499+

Web Design 16
Web Design 17
Web Design 18
Web Design 19
Web Design 20
Web Design 21
Web Design 22
Web Design 23

Bespoke Websites £399 – £99,999+ 

Web Design 24
Web Design 25
Web Design 26
Web Design 27
Web Design 28
Web Design 29
Web Design 30
Web Design 31

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