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Price list 1
Express website delivery
+ 100% to the standard price

We can deliver your Basic or Functional Pack website in 5 days or E-commerce Pack website in 10 days for a double price. We can also shorten the delivery time of any other work when possible, so if you are in a harry, ask us for a quote.

Price list 2
Booking form
from £60

Booking forms can be used by hotels and B&Bs to allow their clients to make a room reservation directly on the website. They can also be used for booking appointments with doctors, teachers, hairdressers or anyone working on appointment basis. You could also charge for the booking directly on your website and synchronise the booking calendar with your staff Google calendars. The final price depends on the amount of rooms/staff and features you need. See examples

Price list 3
Registration/Membership system
from £200

When you want your customers to register to your website by themselves in fully automated way or with your approval. It’s a standard feature of E-commerce Pack, but you may want to upgrade other packs with this functionality, for instance when only some of your customers should have access to certain pages and information.

Price list 4
Login only system
from £150

When you prefer to add user accounts by yourself and give/send them ready credentials.

Price list 5
Contact form
from £15

When you want to give your customers fast and direct way to drop you a line. The message from the form will be send to your email, from where you can send an answer. You can find an example at the bottom of this page. 

Price list 6
Live chat
from £100

When you want your clients to have the possibility to chat with you or your customer service team directly from your website.

Price list 7
Conditional logic form
from £20

When whether a question is shown depends on the answer to the previous question. Great solution for quizzes, tests, surveys and many more. See example

Price list 8
Blog module
from £80

When you want to give your customers some important information cyclically. You can post reviews, political opinion, recipes or anything else you know lots about. But remember – you really should post regularly or hire some to do so, because empty or abandoned blog can do more harm than good.

Price list 9
Image gallery
from £30/10 images
Price list 10
Image slider
from £15
Price list 11
Video streaming
from £20/video
Price list 12
Search panel
from £10
Price list 13
Newsletter/ Email sign up forms
from £40
Price list 14
Files uploads/downloads
from £30
Price list 15
Multi language website
from £200

If you want to reach clients speaking different languages. The price is for the system. not for the translation.

Price list 16
Google maps integration
from £50

When you want to simply show your location on the map or even show the route to your shop on your client’s mobile – everything simply from your website. 

Price list 17
from £30
Price list 18
Online payments integration
from £100

You don’t need the whole e-commerce system to accept payments through your website, especially as we always give you SSL certificate in the price. You can use the payments integration for, among others, donations, selling membership or single goods.  

Price list 19
Additional page
from £50
Price list 20
Google Analytics integration
from £50
Price list 21
Social media integration
from £100
Price list 22
LMS integration
from £500
Price list 23
Big Blue Button setup
from £400

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