Website Maintenance


Security Updates

Hackers never sleep, so you shouldn’t.

Fortunately, having the latest updates to your website should protect your online business. And your dreams.

Content Updates

You should update content in your website from time to time. Outdated information and photos don’t make good impression on your clients. You can usually make the updates by yourself, but if you don’t feel like doing that, check our offer. 

Website Traffic Analytics

It’s good to know how many people visit your website, how long they stay browsing, which page keep their attention. We can check that for you regularly and present the information in the form of cyclical report. 

Uptime Monitoring

Any time clients can’t reach your website is a big loss for your business. With our service we’ll check if your website is working every 5 minutes and if it’s not, start fixing the problem ASAP.

Website Backup

We’ll regularly make the backup copy of your website and keep it securely, so if anything bad happen, we’ll install the latest version once again. 

Monthly Reports

After each month of our maintenance service, we’ll prepare a detailed report showing what work we’ve done. 

How it works


1. Initial consultation

Fill in the order form. We’ll check if your website is suitable for the chosen pack.    


2. Contract

We’ll sign a contract, so you know exactly what job we will do for you.

3. Maintenance

After signing the contract and first payment we’ll start our maintenance work.


4. Report

After each month of the service you’ll get a report showing the job we’ve done.



Maintenance Packs

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